Salty Tales Anthology

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The sea has a way of speaking to your soul, of casting its captivating spell and drawing you to its sandy shores. Dive into this multi-genre collection of sea-themed stories to discover what secrets are kept beneath the waves. Sirens, mermaids, and beach-combing serial killers are just a few of the characters you will meet on your adventures beneath the surface of this anthology. Love, suspense, fantasy—there’s a salty tale here for everyone.

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Closing Shop – Bethany Snyder

Another summer season has come and gone, and Fritz has closed up shop for the long winter. A detour to the water on his way home puts Fritz in the path of a strange young woman.

The Price – Micheal Harding

A father and son travel to a rocky, storm lashed island to meet a man who says he can save their family, for a price. But is he all that he seems?

Alive Again – Olivia London

A hopeless young girl takes her own life.  She wakes up to find she has been given a second chance, but at the cost of everything she knows.  Will she jeopardize everything to go home one last time?

Life Choices – Rich Rurshell

Summer break has begun, and this year’s school leavers celebrate their exam results at a party on the beach. Outcast Sarah tries her best to fit in, but even her so called friends pay her little attention. But someone has noticed Sarah, and watches from afar. In fact, he thinks she just might be the one.

Summer Lovin’ – Jordyn Presley

A crushing diagnosis shatters the dream life of a couple who seem perfect for one another. When one flees, she begins to feel empty and goes back, only to realise that going back might have been the wrong choice. Will love prevail, or has too much time passed and an irreparable rift torn love apart forever?

Pearl – V. Mylynne Smith 

A mother must save her child from a paranormal presence hidden below the waves of the ocean. She and her estranged husband team up in an effort to get their daughter to safety, but the call of the ocean remains – a haunting threat coming from the water. Will they be able to save their daughter or will the water consume them all?

An Irish Promise – Melissa Sell

In the lush emerald isle of Ireland, the land holds secrets in its waters. Secrets only few will discover, and by tradition, will be made to keep.

The Oceanside Piano – Jensen Reed

Lauren moved to be near her grown daughter and grandchild and takes up hiking. One day, she stumbles upon an aged piano on a bluff, and her world changes as she’s swept off her feet by the lonely man who plays it.

Karachi Sea – Aaina Batool

After an untimely divorce, a woman with two kids moves to Karachi in the hopes of starting a new life. Little does she know, though she left her demons behind, there are still a few that plague her children.

Summer Dilemma – Sara Mosier

Lark and Micah, lifelong best friends, resume their annual summer job life-guarding in their small coastal town in Maine. New-to-town Archer, a college transfer student from Nebraska, with good looks and a sweet personality to boot, has Lark and Micah wagering who will win his heart. As the days grow shorter, and a Fall semester draws nearer, who will be the one to unravel the Midwestern boy-next-door first?

A String of Pearls – Jen Chichester

On a ship destined for The New World, a young African woman named Amondi finds herself in the company of ‘witches’.

Lady in White – Katrina Thornley

There is a woman that paces the shore of a beloved island destination. Whenever she is spotted, she is engulfed by a white mist that distorts most of her features. It is well known that she is no longer amongst the living. She is known as the “Lady in White” and her pirating tale is well known amongst the inhabitants of the island. Learn about the bravery of the first female pirate and her demise in “Lady in White” by Katrina Thornley.

A Siren’s Song – Lauren Rose

A broken marriage. A trapped soul. A perfect dream.
Erin’s life became an endless cycle of heartache and gossip when her marriage ended. Until he came for her. But what started out as a soft voice washing over her as she slept turned into something much more. The urge to leave her life behind only gets worse, but will this stranger give Erin what she needs, or will it end in another heartache? The ocean carries many secrets.

The Obelisk – Joshua D Taylor

The sea has always held many secrets. For one unstable young man, will it hold salvation or destruction?