Salty Tales Authors

Bethany Snyder loves the sea and semi-colons.  She is an award-winning fiction writer, a voice-over artist, an amateur photographer, a cookie connoisseur, a Maine enthusiast, a horror movie aficionado, and a pop-culture junkie.  Born and raised in Penn Yan, New York, Bethany received her bachelor’s in Creative Writing from Bradford College in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  She has received the Charles McCorkle Hauser Prize for prose from the Chautauqua Literary Arts Friends at the Chautauqua Institution three times (2015, 2016, 2018), and has twice been voted Best Local Author in the Best of Rochester (NY) awards, in 2017 and 2018.



Micheal Harding is an electronic sound artist and writer.  His work has been exhibited in Australian galleries and played on radio in Australia and the United States.  Despite “The Price” being set on a stormy island in the Irish Sea, it was written in sunny beachside Sydney, Australia, where he lives with his wife and daughter.




Olivia London is an avid reader, master procrastinator, and a proud muggleborn member of house Ravenclaw. She studied English/Creative Writing at the National University of Ireland: Maynooth and Northern Michigan University, where she graduated with a master’s degree in 2009.  In her free time, Olivia enjoys binge watching TV shows/movies on Amazon, baking, playing card games, and spending as much time as possible at the beach with her favorite small human and Siberian Husky.  Olivia currently lives on the shores of Lake Superior in beautiful Upper Michigan with her family and small army of fluffy four-legged creatures.



Rich Rurshell is a short story writer from Suffolk, England.  Having been fascinated with monsters and the Horror genre from a young age, Horror makes up a majority of his work; usually involving monsters of some kind, whether it be of the beast variety or the (in)human kind.  His stories have been included in anthologies by Zombie Pirate Publishing and Clarendon House, in fantasy magazine Stealing Sailors, and in online publications such as Jakob’s Horror Box, Dastaan World, and CaféLit. When not writing, Rich enjoys playing guitar, bass, or singing in various bands.



Jordyn Presley has always loved writing stories. She is an up-and-coming Australian writer who has big dreams to help people publish their stories.  She is looking forward to reading all stories submitted to this anthology and working with writers from around the world.





Mylynne Smith has been writing for as long as she can remember. It’s always been a passionate hobby for her, but it wasn’t until she got married in 2012 that anyone told her she had talent. Since then she’s put all of her efforts toward turning this hobby into something more.  In 2018 she had two short stories published in Dark Dossier Magazine, along with self-publishing a thriller novel called Premeditated.  She currently resides in Northwest Arkansas with her husband as well as their cat and dog.



Melissa Willis-Sell enjoys reading fantasy and mystery genres and is the published author of The Chronicles of Fey Trilogy and the Ann Montgomery crime/suspense novels.  She is the proud mother of four heathens that could pass for human and is a self-proclaimed Whovian.  Her website hosts sneak peeks to her latest novels including her new Superhero series, Intergalactic Entropies.




Jensen Reed is a published author, co-owner of Pixie Forest Publishing, mama to two young boys, and married to her high school sweetheart.  She dabbles in reading and writing genres but particularly enjoys feeding characters to zombies and making readers cry.  An all-around nerd, she could spend hours talking about shows and movies.  Find her book links, flash fiction, and connect with her at




Aaina Batool is a 22-year-old from Pakistan with a BBA (Hons.) degree.  She is a published writer, photographer, social media marketer, videographer and baker.  Her book is published with Daastan and she is the winner of LUMS young writer’s workshop 2017.  Her short story has been published in the Pakistan Academy of Letters and she has also been invited as an adjudicator for PIEAS’s National Olympiad.




Sara Mosier is a Lincoln Native, and a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska where she received a BA in English/Creative Writing. Her writing focus is fiction and poetry of which she enjoys typing out on an old 1950’s Smith-Corona typewriter. She also photographs images to couple with her poetry. One of her favorite subjects to photograph are abandoned homes in the state of Nebraska. They embody a subject of loss and beauty. She has been published several times in Laurus Magazine for poetry and won first place in 2015 for her photography. Her latest achievement was winning the 75th Anniversary Contest at the University of Nebraska Press where a collection of her poetry was published in ‘Nebraska Voices’. Recently her poetry was published in the Cocky Tales anthology. Her short story ‘Sparkling Human Conundrum’, a tale about a merman coming to land for the first time, is also available in the Love Dust anthology thanks to Pixie Forest Publishing


Jen Chichester is a misfit toy who enjoys learning, reading, and writing about anything oddball, eccentric, eclectic, mysterious, mystic, mythical, magical, and macabre.  She is a native of West Michigan but feels more at home in the United Kingdom.  She has her Master’s in English from Grand Valley State University and has a special interest in literary perspectives on madness.  While not working as a freelancer, she writes, reads, fangirls over Twin Peaks, and chases around after twin boys, multiple cats, and a ferret.




Katrina Thornley is a small town dweller from Rhode Island who enjoys hiking, photography, poetry, and writing. She has been published by Z Publishing House, Etherbound, and the Underground Writer’s Association.





Lauren Rose is a paranormal romance writer from South Australia.  With a BA in English and creative writing, and an MA in editing and publishing under her belt, she has always had a connection with reading and writing.  When she’s not reading or writing she’s bingeing TV shows, playing video games, or harassing her cats with her partner in crime.  You can find out more about Lauren Rose and her current WIPs at




Joshua D Taylor is an amateur writer in his thirties who started writing a few years ago when he realized he was too old to play make-believe.  He lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and a one-eared cat where he works as a lab tech.  He enjoys gardening, comic books, ska-punk music, Disney World, and traveling with his wife.  Raised during the weirdness that was the late 20th century, Josh’s eclectic interests often produce eclectic works.  He loves to mix-n-match things from different genres and story elements to achieve a madcap hodgepodge that results in the truly unexpected.  Josh strives to take old ideas and twist them into something new and unusual.  And sometimes he succeeds.  Josh writes for the thrill of it but would be happy for any glory sent his way.